Lectures by Robert Craft

For more than 25 years Robert Craft has been a sought after lecturer. He has given lecture tours throughout America, Europe, Scandanavia, and the Far East on subjects ranging from the Italian Rennaissance to the current political crisis in Iraq.

Mr. Craft's lectures are unlike any other. Whether he is discussing the correct bowings and articulations in the works of Stravinsky, Schoenberg, and Berg, or discussing the origin of a musical or literary work, Robert Craft takes the audience into his personal experience with detailed description of taste, smell, touch, hearing, and recreates the story for his audience.

University appearances are a special treat for Mr. Craft. He particuarly enjoys the fascination the students have with his relationship to Igor Stravinsky and his groundbreaking work in Early Music. This past August of 2003 Robert Craft was a special guest lecturer for the Santa Fe Desert Choral's Stravinsky Celebration. The week-long celebration retraced the works that Stravinsky premiered at the Cathedral of St. Francis in Santa Fe.

Mr. Craft will also combines his lectures with a master class in conducting, and orchestral performance. His masterclasses give students, and faculty a unique lasting experience that they will remember proudly in the coming years.

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